Beautyworld Middle East 2019 opens for business in April at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre

Honey BabyDubai, UAE: Beautyworld Middle East 2019, the greatest showcase of beauty products and wellbeing in the wider region, will once again line up a mind-boggling array of the latest products and services from the cream of global beauty brands. But one dedicated section set apart from the hustle of the main show floor, will be the focus of attention for aficionados of fine fragrances and lovers of niche perfumes from across the region.

Quintessence, the exclusive showcase for niche fragrances, perfumery and the art of making fine fragrances, will be back for the fourth straight year, when Beautyworld Middle East 2019 opens for business in April at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Welcomed by both trade buyers and the industry alike, Quintessence brought together for the first time all the elements that go into making niche fragrances as well as presenting an opportunity to meet with leading perfumers on site.

There is a growing preference for niche and fine fragrances among discerning consumers across the world and in a region which traditionally pays great importance to exclusive fragrances like the Middle East, the shift is even more perceptible. According to recent market studies, the global market for fragrances, deodorants and anti-perspirants was estimated to be worth US$92 billion by 2024, up from the 2017 level of $69.9 billion. A large part of this growth has been fuelled by the rise in demand for exotic and niche fragrances.

Quintessence returns this year with more than 20 exclusive brands. They will display their signature fragrances as well as narrate the story behind the birth of the scent to attending trade buyers and fine fragrance aficionados, all of whom will be able to browse the displays at their leisure in the luxurious setting of Quintessence.

The select perfumers and fragrance makers will demonstrate to the thousands of attending trade buyers, the delicate techniques behind the creation of a winning perfume brand, starting from a base of foundational scents and working through carefully-controlled blending and testing processes, to the creation of a truly wonderful fragrance.

Many brands are returning to Quintessence this year, including UAE-based Jealous Group, Areej Le Dore from Thailand, and Thomas Kosmala from France, who makes his 3rd appearance following a hiatus in 2018. Showing off their niche scents for the first time with a view to entice some of the region’s fine fragrance buyers are the likes of: Acqua Di Baviera from Germany, July of St Barth from France, Omnia Profumi di Fabrizio Tagliacarne from Italy, and True Diamond Perfume from Serbia.


Thomas Kosmala will unveil some of his Limited Edition scents at Quintessence this year. Following a complete overhaul and rebranding, Kosmala has come out with new fragrances to add to their original range.


Speaking about his presence at Quintessence, Kosmala said: “There is a cultural connection here with perfumes which goes as far back as time itself. The Middle Eastern customer is very well educated in the area of perfumes and we feel particularly connected and in tune with that….they appreciate quality, innovation and honesty in a product.


“The customer of today does not want a mass produced, synthetic chemical to spray on their skin, they want something that has been beautifully hand crafted over time with the finest raw materials. Beautyworld Middle East has been incredibly helpful in presenting our brand to potential distribution and retail. It has been very positive from an awareness standpoint and it is also a good thing to be connected to this industry through a show such as this,” Kosmala added.


Tobias Schnappinger, CEO of Acqua di Baviera felt that the future of perfumery would belong to those perfume houses who can successfully create unique fragrances that have a unique quality. Perfume lovers are looking for unique brands and are fed up with the main stream.


As long as there will be an unique aspect if so in the flacon or the perfume there is no reason why they should not stay niche. Shnappinger said that they were participating at Quintessence because they wanted to reach more perfume lovers from countries all over the world. The Arabian countries are one of company’s main focus markets for the next decade.



Omnia Profumi are another perfume house with a lot of optimism about the market. Omnia perfumes was born in 2009 and this year is celebrating ten successful years. Created by Fabrizio Tagliacarne, founder and nose, who in years of experience in the world of luxury and luxury jewellery has approached the world of luxury perfumes with an unabashed sense of passion and dedication.


Marketing Director Sabrina Botti speaking about their participation at Quintessence said: “Quintessence is an international fair that brings the world of luxury beauty and niche fragrances to a very interesting audience. Our goal is to meet and do business with new customers and buyers, distributors and retailers.


“Quintessence will be a wonderful showcase for us that we can’t miss. Our brand has just ten years of history and we are a small company and are proud of our Made in Italy label. We want to make a big impact in the world of niche fragrances with our exceptional quality, superior ingredients and exacting creative process. Our fragrances are all of the highest quality, all macerated in a natural way and selected by expert essentials. At Quintessence this year, we will launch a fragrance dedicated to our founder and nose, Fabrizio Tagliacarne,” Botti stated.


Beautyworld Middle East 2019 is set to welcome more than 1,750 exhibitors from 62 countries when doors open from 15-17 April at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre.


With 25 country pavilions, six product groups, and a packed programme of special features, the 24th edition of the annual showcase will again present an unrivalled platform of business networking and inspirational ideas for an expected audience of 35,000-plus trade buyers and beauty professionals.


Battle of the Barbers, a live three-day competition organised by the British Barbers’ Association (BBA) in partnership with Beautyworld Middle East, will also return for its 4th year, where the UAE’s finest male grooming technicians will battle it out for two coveted titles: the UAE’s Best Barber and UAE’s Best Shave.


The Fragrance Station and Nail It! By OPI and Artistic – a nail art competition – are other retuning features, along with a series of informative workshops and seminars covering topics such as understanding different product regulations in various Gulf markets, and women entrepreneurship in the beauty business.


Beautyworld Middle East covers the six product groups of Hair, Nails, and Salon Suppliers; Cosmetics and Skincare; Personal Care and Hygiene; Machinery, Packaging, Raw Materials, and Contract Manufacturing; Fragrance Compounds and Finished Fragrances; and Natural and Organic.